Today in the city Braidwood 23.10.2017
Trump Administration Set to Roll Back Birth Control Mandate

New rules, which could be issued as soon as Friday, will roll back an Obama-era requirement for employers to include birth control coverage in their health insurance plans.

Three Dynasties Preside Over Broadway’s Theater Houses

Walk into the offices of Broadway’s Shubert Organization, and you’re stepping into New York’s past. Behind the discreetly marked door in Shubert Alley and past a stoic elevator operator who’ll take yo...

The Latest: Pelosi Calls Birth Control Decision a 'New Low'

The top Democrat in the House says the Trump administration's decision allowing more employers to opt out of providing no-cost birth control to women is despicable.

Trump Administration Narrows Birth Control Mandate, Expand Religious Freedom Rules

The new rules would significantly expand the for religious objections to providing birth control, while new guidance lays the groundwork to battle lawsuits against them.

Trump walks back Obama-era birth control mandate

The Trump administration announced Friday that an Obama-era requirement that employers cover birth control in their health insurance plans is being rolled back, effective immediately, The Hill reports...

Trump Just Came for Your Birth Control

A new rule, posted to the Federal Register Friday morning and effective immediately, allows any company to get an exemption from contraceptive coverage because of a religious or moral objection to bir...

The Trump Administration Made It Easier For Employers To Drop Birth Control Coverage

The Trump administration just made it easier for employers to stop offering coverage for birth control in their health insurance plans, a decision that potentially impacts thousands of women across th...

Trump administration is relaxing Obamacare birth control mandate

Trump administration is expanding exemptions to an Obamacare rule requiring employers to include birth control coverage.

The Trump administration is gearing up to roll back the mandate that employers cover birth control at no cost

The Trump administration is expected to roll back the regulations that make it mandatory for employer-provided insurance plans to cover birth control at no cost. The New York Times reports that t...

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